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The Climate Scam

by Richard Hugus

October 5, 2019 (updated)

Al Gore, vice president during US/NATO bombing of Serbia, finds religion as huckster for global warming. Art by David Dees.

There have been numerous popular demonstrations and forums to address climate change, but the climate change scare has seemed suspicious from the start. Except for exploiting it, the natural environment has never been a concern of the rich and powerful, yet powerful interests are everywhere behind the many organizations hyping the threat of anthropogenic global warming. This vast theory came to mainstream acceptance far too quickly to be credible. Like so may political initiatives,  it was sold to the public through fear -- in this case, fear of human extinction in the very near future. No sooner did we hear of the theory than we were told "the science is settled." At that point, belief in global warming became dogma, and skepticism became heresy. If one voices skepticism,  one is called a "denier." Thus we are not allowed to question. This is the opposite of science. There is no protest against US, Israeli, Saudi, and NATO warmaking in the climate activist platform. In the US, the politics of climate change align with the politics of the Democratic Party, where criminal wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq,  Yemen, and Syria, and constant threats against Iran are not discussed. How can you discuss environmental damage and not mention the largest polluter in the world -- the Pentagon?

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Marking the 18th anniversary of 9 -11

by Richard Hugus

September 7, 2019

Were we told the truth about who and what caused the September 11, 2001 attacks?  It seems not.

For example, how does an airplane “melt” into a building?

Image: Michael Hezarkhani, CNN

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Resources on the health risks involved with vaccines

by Richard Hugus

September 4, 2019

The links and titles below are designed for expectant parents considering vaccination of their children after they are born. This includes the Hepatitis B shot on day 1, through the 72 (and growing) recommended vaccine shots and boosters recommended for children as they grow. Infants do not have an immune system sufficiently developed to withstand the toxic substances contained in vaccines. Though most children may get through the schedule without signs of overt harm, more subtle harmful effects like allergies and frequent minor illness are often seen in vaccinated children. Then there are the cases of overt harm like encephalopathy and autsim which the pharmaceutical corporations that make vaccines, and the doctors who administer them, deny all responsibility for. Human beings have an absolute right to refuse anything being injected into their bodies. The fact that that right is now being taken away by the withdrawal of exemptions means that all of us are subject to the most onerous kind of state coercion.

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Who Is WHOI?
Oceanographer or defense contractor?

by Richard Hugus

August 28, 2019

R/V Neil Armstrong arrives at Woods Hole Oceanographic ... collectspace.com

WHOI is the acronym for the 'Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution', based in Cape Cod, Town of Falmouth, village of Woods Hole, Massachusettts. On August 2, 2019 WHOI applied to the town of Falmouth for the clearing of 2.7 acres of woodland and the construction of a 3 story, 50,000 square foot building on what it calls its Quissett Campus, about a mile north of Woods Hole village. Documentation on the project provided by WHOI to the Falmouth Planning Department, and summarized by the Falmouth Enterprise, says its new building -- the New Quissett Facility -- "is proposed as a ‘technology accelerator . . . by creating this facility the NQF will become the epicenter of autonomous vehicle, sensor, and technology innovation at WHOI and around the world and could lead to a net increase in regional economic activity.”

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The Vaccine Debate --  highlights in vaccine industry and medical research

by Richard Hugus

June 6, 2019

All states in the US mandate vaccines for school children, effectively taking away the right to education for families refusing vaccination. Different states allow one to three exemptions from mandatory vaccination on philosophical, religious or medical grounds. In 2015 the California legislature passed a bill (SB277) removing the philosophical or personal belief exemption. The religious exemption had already been removed. This left only the medical exemption, which is difficult to obtain. because doctors fear losing their medical licenses if they grant the exemption. The Maine state legislature recently followed suit, removing all religious or philosophical vaccine exemptions. Mandatory vaccination depends on the assumption that all recommended vaccines are safe for all children. As state laws are going in the direction of  more and more coercion, this is a good time to ask if that assumption is valid. 

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Israel and Venezuela

by Richard Hugus 

February 20, 2019

Pro-Guaido rally in Caracas, early February

Venezuela cut diplomatic ties with Israel after Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2008 – 2009. At the time, Hugo Chavez was president of Venezuela. The attack on Gaza, called “Operation Cast Lead,” saw Israeli fighter jets bomb schools, mosques, water treatment facilities, electrical generators, and residential areas, killing almost 1,400 Palestinians, a third of them women and children. Bombs were dropped containing white phosphorus. The people of Gaza had no defense against the bombing.

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“The Most Moral Army In The World”

Article from Middle East Monitor

December 21, 2018

Israel soldiers shot Palestinian teen, ‘dragged him around’ and chased away ambulance

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Who Runs Our World?

by Richard Hugus

January 4, 2019

Picture from Al Jazeera.com. Netanyahu addresses US Congress.

Our world is run by oligarchs, the holders of vast wealth from monopolies in banking, resource extraction, manufacturing, and technology. Oligarchs have such power that most of the world doesn’t even know of their influence over our lives. Their overall agenda is global power — a world government, run by them — to be achieved through planned steps of social engineering. The oligarchs remain in the background and have heads of state and entire governments acting in their service. Presidents and prime ministers are their puppets. Bureaucrats and politicians are their factotums.

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