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The Gaza Rebellion

By Richard Hugus

October 16, 2023

The media magicians certainly know how to keep us guessing. From 9-11, to Covid, to Ukraine, and now Gaza -- just as we were piecing together the puzzle of the last world-shaking event, a new one is thrown on the table. It’s as if there were scriptwriters whose job is to keep us on the edge of our chairs, so occupied with new dramas that we have no time to think.  The difference is, the story-makers here are using the real world as their stage.

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Paul Farmer, Covidian

 By Richard Hugus

June 23, 2023


Partners In Health


Dr. Paul Farmer wears a mask to help #StopCOVID!

"Until we have vaccines & medicines, mask wearing is one of the best tools we have to stop the spread of COVID-19. #WearAMask and upload a photo to social media, then ask your friends to do the same   #WorldMaskWeek

4:15 PM · Aug 11, 2020


A good job, wealth, honors, and prestige are hard to come by if you’re outside the establishment. At the time of his death almost a year and a half ago, Dr. Paul Farmer had all the honors —co-founder of Partners In Health, University Professor at Harvard, a department chief at Boston's Brigham and Women’s Hospital, UN envoy, recipient of prestigious awards, subject of the New York Times bestseller Mountains Beyond Mountains — but his reputation was built on not being part of the establishment. Perhaps his biggest honor was that he was allowed to have it both ways. He was praised for setting up clinics and living among the poor in Haiti and Rwanda, yet he was well connected with a very corrupt global health establishment — the WHO, the UN, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and the Clinton Global Initiative, and no one mentioned a conflict.

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Philip Zelikow's Covid Coverup 

by Richard Hugus

April 27, 2023

Last November Philip Zelikow and "the Covid Crisis Group" published a 352 page book, Lessons from a Covid War, An Investigative Report. The book went on sale April 23, 2023 and was launched April 24 in a five hour presentation at the National Academy of Medicine in Washington, DC. The launch of the book has lately gotten attention in the news. By its emphasis on war, the book inadvertently confirms recent evidence uncovered by Sasha Latypova snd Katherine Watt that the Covid psy-op was not a supposed public health emergency but a type of 5th generation warfare carried out by the US Department of Defense against US citizens, and much of the rest of the world, in collusion with many other governments.

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The Pentagon, Big Pharma, and Globalist War

by Richard Hugus

January 26, 2023

Davos kicked off with Uncle Klaus spinning his Wheel of Misfortune

There is nothing new under the sun, but it’s always a surprise to hear the details of how governments have once again betrayed the people they claim to  serve. And 'betrayed' is putting it mildly. In the past month, we’ve seen government criminality on three fronts: 

1) the covid narrative on social media being micromanaged by FBI agents and White House staff who directly violated the 1st Amendment by telling Facebook and Twitter who and what to censor on their platforms,

2) government spokespeople making statements that anyone who disagrees with the official medical fascist narrative is spreading disinformation and is a threat to society, and

3) a trail of contracts between federal bureaucracies proving the covid operation was run not by the supposed health authorities -- CDC, FDA, etc. -- but by the war authority, the US Department of Defense. 

We already know mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the state. And we know that propagandists don’t allow alternative views. So let’s concentrate on item 3 -- the DoD contracts.

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In This House . . .

by Richard Hugus

September 18, 2022

“Joint Base Cape Cod” contaminated groundwater plumes 

As reported by national news in the US, on September 16, 2022, 50 illegal immigrants from Venezuela were flown from Florida to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Officials on the island said they did not have the resources to take care of the immigrants, so they were transported by the Massachusetts National Guard to a military base on Cape Cod. The immigrants were tolerated on Martha's Vineyard for exactly two days. 

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Inclusion, Wokeness, and Davos 2022

by Richard Hugus

May 23, 2022

The picture above is of a sign outside a performing arts theater in Santa Barbara, California. Looks like everyone is welcome. Well, not really. It turns out that if you're  not "vaccinated" you're not welcome. If you haven't arrived at the ticket booth with ID and proof of being injected with two doses of an emergency use experimental gene treatment for "covid 19" -- a treatment which has no efficacy and is associated with millions of serious injuries and deaths -- this #LoveForAll message doesn't actually apply to you. If you're not "vaccinated" the only way you can get into the theater now is if you have taken a test proving you don't have the plague. Don't want a PCR swab up your nose? Too late for an antigen test? Tough luck. This rainbow venue welcomes EVERYONE, except for carriers of the plague.  

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Carrying our baggage into the apocalypse

by Richard Hugus

December 23, 2021

Almost two years in, the "Great Reset" has reached a certain stage of maturity. Years of planning, infiltration, manipulation, and social engineering have come to fruition. The many simulations are now being tested in the real world. The actors who trained and rehearsed for their parts as presidents, prime ministers, health officials, trusted doctors, and media personalities have taken their place on stage, miraculously prepared to save humanity from a catastrophe never experienced by mankind. The operation was always too big to go on covertly, so eventually the perpetrators had to announce their plans, the war had to be declared, and troops assembled on the field of battle.

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The old saying was right: kill your television

(and your smartphone)

by Richard Hugus

November 8, 2021


A month ago, illegal and criminal coercion toward covid injections in the workplace was announced by the Biden Administration. Many have lost their jobs for rightly refusing this unsafe, ineffective, and possibly life-changing medical procedure. Now it has been announced by the pharma-owned FDA and CDC that children 5 to 11 years old may be given the shot. Comments from the public and renowned doctors and scientists were overwhelmingly against this, but as with so may other boards across the country, the officials at the table voted unanimously in favor. This shot will now be mandated, in spite of the fact that older children who have already been injected have experienced heart problems and other serious reactions, including death. Neither of these age groups have ever been in danger, and the shots can only hurt them. Next it will be children newborn to 4. What are we to make of a government willing to sacrifice children to pharmaceutical company profits, or ends even worse? 

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"My name is Bill Gates, King of Kings"

by Richard Hugus

October 4, 2021

Source: The next outbreak? We're not ready | Bill Gates | INTIDOMAIN intidomain.org

The evidence is in. Gene-manipulating injections advertised as a “vaccine for covid 19” have killed and injured millions of people. Instead of providing immunity to an alleged virus, the shots actually harm the immune system and turn it against us. The spike proteins created by the shots spread out to attack major organs in the body, leading to a thousand and one different health problems, including heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, blood clots, spontaneous abortions, neurological disorders, depression, and death. Yet the medical establishment is urging everyone, including pregnant women and children, to get the jab. The ghost standing in as US President recently decreed that if people refuse the shot they will lose their job. This is coercion to accept a medical intervention known to be a danger to human health — a crime against humanity. Half the population of the country is now facing this coercion.

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by Richard Hugus

September 4, 2021

Philosophers-stone.info, 2020

Looking at the last year and a half, it seems people have forgotten that evil is a significant and real force in our world. The term has religious connotations which secular societies would like to avoid, but we might do well to remember the old story of good versus evil. Evil people are not stupid. They know very well how to lie while appearing to be the soul of virtue. How could we doubt that the homely philanthropist Bill Gates, or the smiling Justin Trudeau, or Anthony Fauci with his Brooklyn accent, or the fatherly Joe Biden, could have anything but the best of intentions for us? Well, that's how the game works. These people were chosen for their job because they are effective liars -- one of the perks of selling one's soul.

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Stop the Shots. Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates

WHEN: Saturday August 28, 2021, 12 noon to 2 PM, rain or shine

WHERE: Hyannis, MA, 300 block of Main Street near village green and statue of Iyanough (parking on North St. behind Main St. stores).

It is time to recognize that mandates for quarantine, “social distancing”, face covering, and the engineered gene injections being called “vaccines” are not about protecting public health. Public health is actually being harmed by these measures. So what is really going on? One view is that our government has been so corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry that government itself is pushing people to take pharmaceutical products even when these products have proven to be unsafe. There are precedents for this with the MMR, DPT, HPV, flu and other vaccines. Overall, vaccines have harmed, not helped, the human immune system. They have degraded the health of our society to such an extent that almost half of the children in the US today have some form of chronic illness — all for the sake of pharmaceutical company profits.

But a wider agenda is also apparent. 

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Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates: Protest Call


WHEN: Saturday July 24, 2021, 12 noon to 2 PM, rain or shine

WHERE: Hyannis, MA, 300 block of Main Street near village green and statue of Iyanough.

On July 24, Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates will join a third worldwide protest against government tyranny pretending to protect humanity from a non-existent pandemic. The earlier worldwide protests were March 20 and May 15, with hundreds of locations around the world (including Cape Cod) and hundreds of thousands of people participating.

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Consent? What's that? The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is spying on you.

by Richard Hugus

June 27, 2021

Source: MassPrivate!

Without any kind of public notice, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has gotten together with "Don't Be Evil" Google to install spyware on smartphones of visitors to and residents of Massachusetts without the knowledge or consent of those visitors or residents. This is being done under cover of the all-purpose totalitarianism called covid 19. The spyware is a contact tracing application called  "Exposure Notifications Settings Feature - MA/ MADepartment of Public Health"  available for download (if you're stupid enough to do it voluntarily) at Google Play.

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Comment on Cape Cod Machine Gun Firing Range

Massachusetts Military Reservation showing proposed firing range area (from National Guard Environmental Assessment)

June 10, 2021

Last year the Massachusetts Army National Guard submitted an environmental assessment for the proposed machine gun range at Camp Edwards, a 15,000 acre military base occupying large parts of Sandwich and Bourne on Cape Cod. Not surprisingly, the Army found itself innocent of any possible harm this range might pose to the people and environment around the base -- it came to a "finding of no significant impact."  According to the Army, the range would require 170 acres  to be clear cut, plus 29 more acres disturbed. In addition, a "surface danger zone" of 5,197 acres would be established roughly north of the range. The machine gun firing point is about a half mile west of Snake Pond, and 2/10th of a mile from a residential area around Snake Pond. According to the Army document, "peak usage would occur from May through June" including night firing from sundown to 2:00 AM, for up to 74 days per year.

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Seven reasons why US conservatives should not support Israel

by Richard Hugus

May 24, 2021

USS Liberty (photo military.com)

1. The first reason is moral and should be enough. Israel was established by genocide and the the theft of the land of Palestinians by European settlers. In 1948, 935,000 Palestinians (85% of the indigenous population of Palestine at that time) were forced off their land, in many cases at gunpoint, in other cases through massacres, like the massacre at Deir Yassin. As a result, 530 of an estimated 550 total villages were completely destroyed or depopulated. Over 78% of Palestinian land was confiscated for the establishment of a state for Jewish people only, when Palestinians played no part whatsoever in the persecution of Jews in Europe. The massacres have continued up until today, with yet another aerial bombing which killed hundreds of civilians in Gaza.

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End mask mandates in Cape Cod schools

Let The Kids Breathe and the smile project is a national initiative supported by Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates

Protest Call:

When: May 24, 2021 7:45 AM – 9:45 AM

Where: Nauset School Administration, 78 Eldridge Park Way, Orleans, MA

Stand with Nauset parents in support of bodily autonomy, parental choice, and medical freedom in our schools

Making kids wear masks is a form of child abuse. Masks inhibit the intake of oxygen which children need for their developing brains. They force people to re-breathe the carbon dioxide that they exhale. There is little evidence that masks help to prevent the spread of viruses, and plenty of evidence that wearing them is physically and mentally harmful. Further, children have now come to think it is normal for everyone to wear a mask, and they are being deprived of the ability to understand other people by reading the expressions on their faces. Parents have been so intimidated by “pandemic” fear that they have essentially allowed the state to abuse their children. Children are not able to understand what is being done to them, and parents, who are in a position to understand, have failed to protest health mandates being blatantly used for political, not health, reasons.

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Report on May 15, 2021 Demonstration

May 16, 2021

Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates held another successful demonstration on Main St. in Hyannis yesterday. We announced our protest location a week in advance, to be held by the statue of early native American legend, Iyanough. By “coincidence” the Hyannis Fire Department parked a huge ambulance exactly on top of our usual protest location and erected a pop-up “vaccination” center earlier in the morning, actually asking people walking by on the street to get the covid jab, there and then. 

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Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates 
Protest Call

WHEN: Saturday May 15, 2021, 12 noon to 2 PM, rain or shine

WHERE:  Hyannis, MA, 300 block of Main Street near village green and statue of Iyanough.

On May15, Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates will join in a second round of worldwide protests. The first was on March 20, with scores of countries and many thousands of people participating. 

The pandemic agenda is moving forward, leaving a trail of deception, criminality, and lies in its wake. The old lies were about cases of and deaths due to coronavirus. The new lies are lies of omission in which the public is not being told about adverse reactions and deaths being caused by the so-called “vaccines.”  Remember when everything from a heart attack to a motorcycle accident cold be counted as a covid death? Well, it's just the opposite when it comes to injuries and deaths which occur right after a covid jab, even when there are many cases in a row of rare blood clots and bleeding problems happening after the jab. 

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March 20, 2021 Demonstration, Hyannis

Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates

Protest call

WHEN: Saturday April 24, 2021, 12 to 2 PM

WHERE: Hyannis, Massachusetts, airport rotary, intersection of Route 28 and Route 132 near Barnstable Municipal Airport.

Cape Cod Against Medical Mandates is supported by people who believe the emergency pandemic orders of the past year had a great deal more to do with social control, wealth transfer, and increasing state power than with public health. Indeed, public health overall has only been damaged by quarantines, lockdowns, the loss of businesses and livelihoods, and by the effects of fear and isolation.

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Anti-lockdown protest, winter 2020

Cape Cod For Ending Medical Mandates

WHEN: Saturday March 20, 2021, 11 to 1 PM 

WHERE:  Hyannis, MA, 300 block of Main Street near village green and statue of Iyanough.

March 20 is the first day of Spring. It’s time to live again, breathe, visit friends and family, open businesses, and wake up from the “coronavirus” nightmare.

This nightmare began almost exactly a year ago when (with only six alleged cases in the US) the World Health Organization declared a worldwide pandemic and governments promoted a scare with which to claim unprecedented emergency powers. Now that we have learned about the falsehoods in the “pandemic” narrative — the virus that was never physically isolated, the fraudulent PCR test, the fraudulent case and death statistics, masks and lockdowns which did nothing but cause physical, psychological, and economic harm — and now that it is clear that there actually was no “emergency” the basis for the mainstream covid narrative has been lost. Yet we are being told that the nightmare is not over and the only way out is to get “vaccinated.”

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GM Human® -- Bill Gates' Plan For Our Future

by Richard Hugus

January 20, 2021

Image source: fromliestotruth.com

To speak of a "Covid vaccine" is to enter into two falsehoods. As some have argued,1,2  the virus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome
coronavirus two (SARS-CoV-2) has not actually been isolated and therefore cannot be proven to exist. This would  of course be an advantage to those officials who can then blame any number of other illnesses, like influenza, on Covid 19. It is hard to prove something either is or is not there when you don't know what it is. This is a crucial problem at the center of the "pandemic" narrative.

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Protest Massachusetts Medical Mandates

August 2020 demonstration in Boston against flu shot decree by Governor Baker


WHEN: Saturday December 26, 2020, 12 to 2 PM (rain date Dec. 27, same time)

WHERE: Hyannis, Massachusetts, main entrance to Cape Cod Mall, 793 Iyanough Rd.

Are you interested in stopping Governor Charles Baker and the state of Massachusetts from issuing compulsory medical orders on the basis of a "pandemic" now largely supported by false positive PCR testing? After the "shelter in place" order, the mandatory mask order, the "social distancing" orders, the quarantine orders, the mandatory flu shot order, the curfews, the church closings, the orders destroying restaurants and small businesses, the travel restrictions, the orders limiting the size of any assembly (even family gatherings during the holidays), will a compulsory order for a never tested, experimental, DNA-manipulating "Covid vaccine" be next?

No. No way. The Governor has stepped way outside any authority the people of Massachusetts ever granted him. His decrees have no basis in law or justice and must be repealed immediately.

This call is for a peaceful, non-partisan protest as a follow-up to our successful first demonstration on December 19. Bring signs or banners with your message (no signs for political candidates please).

We have the following demands:

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Some questions about "the new normal"

by Richard Hugus

Cape Cod coronavirus field hospital at Joint Base CapeCod closes without ever seeing a patient with COVID-19
Posted May 08, 2020. Photo by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff


October 24, 2020

Dear Editor, Cape Cod Times:

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, on October 22, 2020 only 1 person diagnosed with Covid 19 was counted as “hospitalized” and  0 were counted in the ICU at Falmouth Hospital. The count at Cape Cod Hospital in these categories was 0 and 0. These are the only hospitals on Cape Cod. Falmouth has a population of about 30,000 people. The population of Cape Cod is about 212,000.

Some questions:

Should 212,00 people be required to wear face masks and maintain a distance of six feet from everyone else when just one person is in the hospital?

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Nomans Land

Noman's Land, Peter Brannen, https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2014/08/21/navy-clear-ordnances-nomans-land

September 4, 2020

The Martha's Vineyard Times

Dear Editor:

 The U.S. Navy is inviting comments on a "Proposed Remedial Action Plan" for Nomans Land, a 600 acre island 3 miles south of Martha's Vineyard, part of the Town of Chilmark. The "action" proposed is to do nothing further to clean up the pollution and unexploded ordnance remaining on the island, which the Navy used as a base and aircraft gun and bombing range from 1943 to 1996.

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Cease Fire!
Stopping a military machine gun range on Cape Cod

by Richard Hugus

August 27, 2020

Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) Cape Cod,  https://ij-healthgeographics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1476-072X-7-46

The Massachusetts Army National Guard recently filed an environmental assessment for a proposed machine gun firing range at Camp Edwards, a 15,000 acre military base occupying large parts of Sandwich and Bourne on Cape Cod. Not surprisingly, the Army found itself innocent of any possible harm this range might pose to the people and environment around the base -- it came to a "finding of no significant impact."  According to the Army, the range would require 170 acres  to be clear cut, plus 29 more acres disturbed. In addition, a "surface danger zone" of 5,197 acres would be established roughly north of the range, presumably for stray bullets. The machine gun firing point is about a half mile west of Snake Pond, and 2/10th of a mile from a residential area around Snake Pond. According to the Army document, "peak usage would occur from May through June", including night firing from sundown to 2:00 AM, for up to 74 days per year.

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No Place For Hypocrisy

(The ADL, Corporate America, and "Black Lives Matter")

by Richard Hugus

June 10, 2020

Israeli police officers attack a Palestinian protestor outside the compound housing al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City March 12, 2019. (Reuters)

"No Place For Hate" has come out in support of widespread Black Lives Matter protests against the May 25, 2020 apparent police murder of George Floyd. What does "No Place for Hate" say about the police tactics used against George Floyd also being used daily against Palestinians in occupied Palestine?

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Goals of the new world order

(and the attempt to achieve them through a global virus scare)

by Richard Hugus

April 6, 2020

The 2020 corona virus appears to be a massive global psy-op. This can be deduced from the list of totalitarian measures which were so quickly implemented in its name, as if prepared in advance. The virus has been reported to be a creation of US bio-warfare labs, such as the one mysteriously closed last August in Fort Detrick, Maryland. This makes it difficult for us to believe its sudden appearance was an act of nature with no political purpose. Discussions at the January 2020 Davos world forum and drills such as “Event 201” conducted in October 2019 at Johns Hopkins University point to planning and foreknowledge. The neocon Project for a New American Century in 2000 predicted  that "advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool." Hype and fear are being disseminated purposely in mainstream news around the clock. Statistics and computer models are being manipulated to prove anything and everything, so that there are good reasons to believe the "pandemic" is not even real.. The false flag of 9-11 seems like a close parallel. Like 9-11, an attack has occurred, but the perpetrators and their motives are hidden. Clearly a plan and an agenda are being served. Some initially said the virus was an attack by the US to provoke wars with China and Iran, but now we see that the entire world is being targeted. To what end? Perhaps we could say this is a "regime change" operation by the powerful against all of humanity and the idea that human beings under their rule have any sovereignty or intrinsic rights at all.

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The Climate Scam

by Richard Hugus

October 5, 2019 (updated)

Al Gore, vice president during US/NATO bombing of Serbia, finds religion as huckster for global warming. Art by David Dees.

There have been numerous popular demonstrations and forums to address climate change, but the climate change scare has seemed suspicious from the start. Except for exploiting it, the natural environment has never been a concern of the rich and powerful, yet powerful interests are everywhere behind the many organizations hyping the threat of anthropogenic global warming. This vast theory came to mainstream acceptance far too quickly to be credible. Like so may political initiatives,  it was sold to the public through fear -- in this case, fear of human extinction in the very near future. No sooner did we hear of the theory than we were told "the science is settled." At that point, belief in global warming became dogma, and skepticism became heresy. If one voices skepticism,  one is called a "denier." Thus we are not allowed to question. This is the opposite of science. There is no protest against US, Israeli, Saudi, and NATO warmaking in the climate activist platform. In the US, the politics of climate change align with the politics of the Democratic Party, where criminal wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq,  Yemen, and Syria, and constant threats against Iran are not discussed. How can you discuss environmental damage and not mention the largest polluter in the world -- the Pentagon?

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Marking the 18th anniversary of 9 -11

by Richard Hugus

September 7, 2019

Were we told the truth about who and what caused the September 11, 2001 attacks?  It seems not.

For example, how does an airplane “melt” into a building?

Image: Michael Hezarkhani, CNN

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Resources on the health risks involved with vaccines

by Richard Hugus

September 4, 2019

The links and titles below are designed for expectant parents considering vaccination of their children after they are born. This includes the Hepatitis B shot on day 1, through the 72 (and growing) recommended vaccine shots and boosters recommended for children as they grow. Infants do not have an immune system sufficiently developed to withstand the toxic substances contained in vaccines. Though most children may get through the schedule without signs of overt harm, more subtle harmful effects like allergies and frequent minor illness are often seen in vaccinated children. Then there are the cases of overt harm like encephalopathy and autsim which the pharmaceutical corporations that make vaccines, and the doctors who administer them, deny all responsibility for. Human beings have an absolute right to refuse anything being injected into their bodies. The fact that that right is now being taken away by the withdrawal of exemptions means that all of us are subject to the most onerous kind of state coercion.

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Who Is WHOI?
Oceanographer or defense contractor?

by Richard Hugus

August 28, 2019

R/V Neil Armstrong arrives at Woods Hole Oceanographic ... collectspace.com

WHOI is the acronym for the 'Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution', based in Cape Cod, Town of Falmouth, village of Woods Hole, Massachusettts. On August 2, 2019 WHOI applied to the town of Falmouth for the clearing of 2.7 acres of woodland and the construction of a 3 story, 50,000 square foot building on what it calls its Quissett Campus, about a mile north of Woods Hole village. Documentation on the project provided by WHOI to the Falmouth Planning Department, and summarized by the Falmouth Enterprise, says its new building -- the New Quissett Facility -- "is proposed as a ‘technology accelerator . . . by creating this facility the NQF will become the epicenter of autonomous vehicle, sensor, and technology innovation at WHOI and around the world and could lead to a net increase in regional economic activity.”

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The Vaccine Debate --  highlights in vaccine industry and medical research

by Richard Hugus

June 6, 2019

All states in the US mandate vaccines for school children, effectively taking away the right to education for families refusing vaccination. Different states allow one to three exemptions from mandatory vaccination on philosophical, religious or medical grounds. In 2015 the California legislature passed a bill (SB277) removing the philosophical or personal belief exemption. The religious exemption had already been removed. This left only the medical exemption, which is difficult to obtain. because doctors fear losing their medical licenses if they grant the exemption. The Maine state legislature recently followed suit, removing all religious or philosophical vaccine exemptions. Mandatory vaccination depends on the assumption that all recommended vaccines are safe for all children. As state laws are going in the direction of  more and more coercion, this is a good time to ask if that assumption is valid. 

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