GM Human® -- Bill Gates' Plan For Our Future

by Richard Hugus

January 20, 2021

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To speak of a "Covid vaccine" is to enter into two falsehoods. As some have argued,1,2  the virus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome
coronavirus two (SARS-CoV-2) has not actually been isolated and therefore cannot be proven to exist. This would  of course be an advantage to those officials who can then blame any number of other illnesses, like influenza, on Covid 19. It is hard to prove something either is or is not there when you don't know what it is. This is a crucial problem at the center of the "pandemic" narrative.

Dr. David Martin points out that the mRNA injection which is being called a vaccine "is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. It is not a vaccine."3 According to a British Health Agency, the active substance in the injection is made up of "RNA-containing lipid nanoparticles."4 The nanoparticles seem to be a kind of software designed to manipulate human DNA. If the virus it is supposed to target has not itself been identified, this manipulation would have no known purpose. Pfizer/BioNtech claim their product encodes the full length of the viral S protein of SARS-CoV-2, but, according to Iain Davis, "the WHO protocols Pfizer used to produce the mRNA [for the vaccine] do not appear to identify any nucleotide sequences that are unique to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. When investigator Fran Leader questioned Pfizer they confirmed: ‘The DNA template does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person’.”If the virus has not been isolated, there is no foundation upon which to build a vaccine.

 The "pandemic" itself is a house of cards -- a disease which appears to have had no effect on all-cause mortality6 in comparison to other recent years, driven by a mysterious virus which no one can exactly define, a PCR test for the undefined virus which test can be amplified to produce a positive result no matter what it identifies7, and a liability-protected vaccine which has no specific target and which not only provides no immunity but has proven, a month after being rushed into emergency use, to be the cause of many serious adverse health effects, including death.8 As in the long history of conventional vaccine disasters, reported adverse effects of the mRNA injection have been attributed to "coincidence".9 To complete the absurdity, deaths from the injection have simply been turned around and blamed on Covid.10

There can be no discussion of vaccines without mentioning the powerful and corrupt pharmaceutical industry, and the Godfather, Bill Gates, who has been massively funding new entrants into that industry, like Moderna and BioNtech, not to mention UN agencies, government regulators, policy makers, academic institutions, mainstream media, and everyone else involved in the medical tyranny we are now living under. This homely czar of all world health matters is ubiquitous. He seems to be involved in every big money social engineering scheme on the planet. But there is one interesting thread in his story . . .

Gates made his fortune in the software industry with the Microsoft Corporation in the 1990s and 2000s. His expensive proprietary software was a corrupting influence on what could have been a free, cooperative, open source internet, but monopoly capitalism worked to help Gates rise to the top of the list of the world's billionaires, and gave him the ability to buy influence everywhere he wanted (or was instructed) to go. 

In 2003 Gates got involved with genetic modification (GM) research, in a supposed effort to feed the world through better agriculture. He later invested heavily in Monsanto11 and its development of genetically modified foods. Patented seeds -- a kind of corollary to proprietary software --would make even more money for Gates via his investments in Monsanto, while small farmers in places like India lost their livelihoods to big business chemical-dependent agriculture totally foreign to them. Control of and patents on seeds, and control of agriculture in general, means control of food. As fellow psychopath Henry Kissinger once said, “control food and you control the people.” Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates are also both fellows in the Rockefeller school of population control, once known as eugenics.

In 2005 the Gates Foundation funded tetanus vaccinations for distribution by UNICEF in Africa. Nine years into this program, doctors and Catholic clergy in Kenya had the vaccine independently tested and found that it contained an antigen called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which renders women infertile.12 As the people targeted for the vaccine were exclusively women of child-bearing age, the only possible conclusion is that Gates and UNICEF were conducting a covert and criminal eugenics experiment. The Gates Foundation was also behind a polio vaccine that paralyzed 496,000 children in India. Almost everywhere he has gone with his philanthropy, Gates has ended up hurting people. As Robert Kennedy has pointed out, philanthropy for Gates is a way to donate to humanitarian projects with one hand while collecting a great deal more in business profits with the other, and he does all this even while harming people.13 Where harm is proven, as in these two cases, Gates has been exempt from any consequences, and has continued self-righteously lecturing the world about the benefits of vaccines.

India has really taken a beating from Gates' purported attempts to do good. In 2010 Gates got involved in a digital identity program called the Aadhar project, designed to give biometric IDs to no less than the entire population of India. Like all Gates Foundation projects, it was advertised as a philanthropic venture, but the real benefactors were financial institutions and government, not poor people supposedly lacking access to financial services. According to James Corbett,

the ID control grid is an essential part of the digitization of the economy. And although this is being sold as an opportunity for 'financial inclusion' of the world’s poorest in the banking system provided by the likes of Gates and his banking and business associates, it is in fact a system for financial exclusion. Exclusion of any person or transaction that does not have the approval of the government or the payment providers.14 

There later came a related push to make India a cashless society -- the dream of bankers and tyrants, but in practice a disaster for many of India's poor who depend on cash. Gates went on to fund the ID2020 initiative, which has goals similar to the Aadhar project -- namely, government control of peoples' ability to trade freely and make a living. Through tracking, surveillance, and the power of government to cut off peoples' money at will, we see once again the agenda of control.

Beside his involvement with (and massive abuse of) conventional vaccines, Gates has been the major funder of development of a supposed "Covid vaccine" involving never-before-tried genetic manipulation and nano technology. The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine now being rolled out by Pfizer/BioNtech  is not a vaccine; it is the beginning of an experiment on the human race, being openly conducted without informed consent, and in the absence of long-term testing required for conventional vaccines, which themselves have a terrible record of causing, not preventing, harm. 

The mRNA injection plan seems to combine all of Gates’s previous pursuits in one — namely, introducing software into the human "operating system" which will eventually make it possible to identify and track entire populations, as in the India biometric project. The mRNA software is also proprietary. Since Gates is recommending that everyone on the planet should receive his "vaccine", one would think the code should be "open source" -- that is, open for all the world to see, since all of us are affected -- but the way nanoparticles in the mRNA injection act as a kind of machine to promote self-replication of certain elements within cells is not made public by private, for-profit pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, nor do the many people now getting the injection have a good idea of exactly what it is that is being put into their bodies. In this area, public health agencies simply pass on the claims made by the manufacturer. What is at stake here? This nanotechnology could end up making human beings a new kind of genetically modified organism, much like Monsanto corn, soybeans, or cotton. With a sufficiently modified genome, the future GMO human may even be patentable, especially if he carries biosensor implants already patented by Microsoft.15 As Catherine Austin Fitts has observed, the plan is that every new virus to come along  will require a software update which would be called a "vaccine", much like the Microsoft business model where Gates began his empire.16 But now we see that Gates has moved from selling computer software to controlling the world's population.

The thread running through Bill Gates' history is that this man isn’t interested in feeding the poor or helping humanity through improvements in medicine and public health. His field is making computers perform tasks through software programs. He sees people as computers to be programmed to meet human behavioral and eugenic goals which he and the global elite find desirable. The software engineer has become a world-scale social engineer, but continues to use his original model. We should keep in mind, however, that within the larger program (post-MS-DOS), Gates has never been acting alone.

The use of  technology to manipulate the human genome could open what Bill Joy, writing twenty years ago, called "Pandora's boxes of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics" which could irreversibly change what it means to be a human being.17 Even if its intentions were benevolent, science should know better than to meddle in something it knows so little about, including the human immune system. You can never change just one thing, as everything is connected.

But when it comes to the oligarchs now ruling much of the world, it is hard to escape a picture of not mistaken use of science but actually malevolent use of science, and excessive power reaching into madness. There are other examples of this in history, such as the development of nuclear weapons in the 1940s, but this time many diverse actors are using technology which could be even more harmful and difficult to control. No one should ever have been allowed to amass the power which people like Bill Gates hold, not to mention those who back him. Clearly and urgently, these people must be stopped.


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