The Gaza Rebellion

By Richard Hugus

October 16, 2023

Fares Audeh, 2nd Intifada

The media magicians certainly know how to keep us guessing. From 9-11, to Covid, to Ukraine, and now Gaza -- just as we were piecing together the puzzle of the last world-shaking event, a new one is thrown on the table. It’s as if there were scriptwriters whose job is to keep us on the edge of our chairs, so occupied with new dramas that we have no time to think.  The difference is, the story-makers here are using the real world as their stage.

The October 7, 2023 Gaza rebellion against Israel has led to a whirlwind of discussion. Some speculate that it was a plan which would give Israel a justification to invade Gaza, which would in turn bring in Hezbollah, which would bring in Iran, which would bring the US and NATO to attack Iran, which would bring Russia in to defend Iran, and then China to defend Russia. In other words — World War III as a desired goal. This scenario involves secret societies with the power to orchestrate world events down through the centuries, as if they were gods. Indeed, many of the major players in the Great Reset have already shown that they feel that they are gods and can shape the world as they see fit. It will be a hard fall for them -- the very definition of hubris, and of insanity.

Others say October 7 was a successful prison break which caught the zionist entity completely off guard. In this scenario, the zionists will be desperate for revenge but will only be further humiliated when they invade Gaza on the ground. When this happens world opinion will be so horrified by the carnage that it withdraws all support, leaving the Palestinian resistance to force the child killers of the IDF into final defeat. The zionist project launched by Theodore Herzl in 1897 will then reach its shameful end. We can only hope.

Still others say that Netanyahu is enough of a psychopath to bring all this about in order to maintain power. In this scenario, Netanyahu solves his domestic political problems with the diversions of martial law and war. But 80% of the Jewish population of Israel reportedly believe there is no way the security breach at Gaza could have happened without his connivance. This leads to a general lack of support for war, mass desertions from the military, and the end of Netanyahu. We will have to wait until next week’s episode to see whether it's the Talmud-thumping Orthodox crazies or someone else who takes Netanyahu's place. 

The Orthodox crazies also have a scenario — namely, the End Times, in which we will see the sacrifice of a red heifer, destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque, construction of the Third Temple, blood sacrifices, the appearance of the long-awaited  Messiah, and a world ruled from Israel under Noahide law. Only hard-core viewers will be interested in this episode, but Christian zionists will certain to be watching because they are heavily into this scenario. These people are so impatient to see prophecy fulfilled that they can't wait for God to carry it out, so they're doing it themselves.

It's hard to miss the thread of Jewish involvement running through 9-11, the covid psy-op, Ukraine, and the push for wider war being made out of Gaza. Consider what history would have been like if we hadn’t been manipulated by patently obvious schemes carried out by Jewish actors. Wolfowitz and Perle would have been forced to drop their plan to attack a long list of Israel’s enemies. Albert Bourla and Rochelle Walensky would have been denied permission to inject poisonous “vaccines” into two thirds of the world’s population. Blinken, Nuland, and Zelensky would have been thrown out for betraying agreements to stop attacking the Donbass and to keeping Ukraine neutral.  Israel would have been forced to let up on Gaza and, for that matter, its entire project in Palestine. These steps could have prevented our reaching the dangerous situation we're in today, yet tremendous effort was put in by these busy people to make sure war and suffering would go forward. Why is so much space being taken up by the needs and anxieties of such a small group?

For the sake of humanity, the world must stop the disasters Jewish messianism is drawing us into. Genocide is now being carried out in Gaza with the whole world watching. The resistance in Palestine and in the region have always had, and have now, every right to fight back. There is no equals sign between Palestinians and Israel. Israel is the oppressor; the Palestinians are the oppressed. Free Palestine!