Seven reasons why US conservatives should not support Israel

by Richard Hugus

May 24, 2021

1. The first reason is moral and should be enough: the state of Israel was established through genocide and the the theft of the land and homes of Palestinians by European settlers. In 1948, 935,000 Palestinians (85% of the indigenous population of Palestine at that time) were forced off their land, in many cases at gunpoint, in other cases through massacres, like the massacre at Deir Yassin. As a result, 530 of an estimated 550 total villages were completely destroyed or depopulated. Over 78% of Palestinian land was confiscated for the establishment of a state for Jewish people only, when Palestinians played no part whatsoever in the persecution of Jews in Europe. The massacres and land theft have continued up until today, with yet another aerial bombing campaign by Israel in mid-May 2021 which killed hundreds of civilians and destroyed homes and infrastructure throughout Gaza.

                              From If Americans Knew

2. Israel dominates US foreign policy in the interests of Israel, not the US. Successive US wars in the Middle East have harmed, not benefited the United States. Wars for Israel have cost the US dearly in lives, money, and moral standing. 

3. Israel controls the US Congress through its powerful AIPAC lobby. It is treason for a country’s top lawmakers to serve the interests of another country, yet no one in Congress has the power to stand up to this lobby. Those who have tried have seen their careers abruptly ended. As if to demonstrate this power, Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress in 2011 as if he were the President in a bid to get the US to attack Israel’s enemy, Iran. Congress fell all over itself to please him -- he received 29 standing ovations.

Netanyahu addresses Congress, 2011

4. The US gives at least $3.8 billion a year to Israel, a country whose citizens have free health care and a higher standard of living than many in the US. Israel has received $130 billion from the US since 1949. Meanwhile, Israeli agents have been caught repeatedly spying on the US — the most notorious being the convicted spy, Jonathan Pollard, pardoned by President Trump in January 2021. See If Americans Knew -- "How Israel Betrays the U.S."at

5. In June 1967 Israel intentionally attacked from the air an unarmed US Navy communications ship, the USS Liberty, while the Liberty was monitoring Israel's "Six Day War" in international waters. The attack killed thirty-four American soldiers and wounded hundreds of others, including sailors who were strafed while in lifeboats. Israel’s plan was to sink the ship, kill all survivors, and then blame its own enemies for the attack in order to bring the United States into the war. When the plan failed, Israel declared the attack a mistake, and the Lyndon Johnson administration was somehow so beholden to Israel that it ordered a treasonous coverup of the incident which lasts to this day. See this extensive article on the attack and the motives for it at

USS Liberty (photo

6. Israeli fingerprints are all over the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This false flag was blamed on Arabs and Muslims in order to get the US to attack Arab and Muslim nations who were and are enemies of Israel, not the US — namely, Iraq,  Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. The neoconservatives, all strong supporters and some dual citizens of Israel, played an important part in promoting these wars from within the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations. Their original grouping was in the Project for a New American Century, which foretold in 2000 the "new Pearl Harbor" which became 9-11 a year later.

 7. The ADL. Israel undermines the US through the Anti-Defamation League:

--Israel carefully screens immigrants in its own country while the ADL, which represents Israel, criticizes the US for restricting immigrants coming through its border with Mexico. 

--Israel uses immigration to displace Palestinians, while the ADL encourages immigration into the US which displaces American working people. Uncontrolled immigration is inherently destabilizing, and the people promoting it know this.

-- The ADL supports critical race and gender theory, by which any group claiming to be a victim of hatred or prejudice has the right to take down any person or institution the victim says is promoting hatred or prejudice. Cultures established over hundreds of years, and indeed human understandings about reality going back to the beginning of history, are  undermined by means of critical theory. Analyst James Lindsay has called critical theory "the solvent that dissolves all institutions." The ADL, representing Israel, thus acts to undermine the US from within, just as with its spying, lobbying, and control of Congress.

-- The ADL supported riots for George Floyd in American cities in summer 2020 and was in favor of Black Lives Matter until one faction of BLM voiced support for Palestinians. BLM and Antifa  were  corporate- deep state- Soros- CIA- FBI- Wall Street- and Democratic Party-backed color revolutionaries on the model of Gene Sharp. While the ADL decried the treatment of George Floyd by Minneapolis cops, it had nothing to say about the same kind of treatment being handed out daily by Israeli occupation forces to Palestinian civilians. See also "No Place For Hypocrisy."

-- The ADL also helps to undermine the 1st Amendment by being the prime advisor to tech giants Facebook and Google on who should be censored or condemned. For example, those who rightfully protested in Washington against the blatant theft of the 2020 election were labelled "far-right domestic extremists" by the ADL. Once so labelled, the message of a half million protestors on January 6, 2021 could be completely ignored.

-- The ADL further undermines our right to free speech by promoting laws making it illegal to boycott or criticize Israel. Americans may criticize their own or any other country but are not allowed free speech in their own country when it comes to one foreign country -- Israel. Why is this?

-- Have you been called a "hate group"? Thank the ADL subsidiary "No Place For Hate" for creating that very effective ad hominem smear. No discussion of the issues is possible once you've been labelled a hate group, and that is the point.

-- No Place for Hate is prominent in support of LGBTQ+ (not heterosexual) kids in public schools at a time when kids are either not interested in or are just trying to figure out what sexuality is. A culture based on non-reproductive sexuality is obviously not going to last long. Perhaps this is the goal. In 2008 gays and lesbians were saying "We just want to get married." In 2021 gays and lesbians are saying "We're coming for your children." This is all in the name of stopping "hate" -- a brand created by the ADL.


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